Memorandum to Prime Minister of India





The Hon’ble Prime Minister

Government of India

New Delhi

Sub: Memorandum


Hon’ble Sir,


We, an Association of Traders, Businessmen, Professionals and social workers, hereby request you to review your decision on Price Hike in Fuel and also wish to apprise you of certain issues and problems being faced by us.

1. Cause of Price rise in Assam:

Following are some of the measures which can arrest the price rise in the Assam

(a)Railway Freight-Assam being importing state most of the goods came by goods train, but the freight charges are quite high. The freight structure should be subsidized by atleast 50% so that rates of commodities come down.

(b).PDS system: By improving Public distribution system we can reach to the public with control price.


2)Development of Waterways of Assam: It shall generate an employment opportunities for nearly 1 lacs people directly and indirectly and also decrease the transportation cost of goods and creating more rooms for new business opportunities.

3) Trade centre in all Districts of Assam: with complete infrastructure which shall be inter- related and all commodities and services shall be found under one roof, where every customer shall meet every supplies and every suppliers shall meet its customer.

4) Low rate of Interest: We have insisted on simplification of bank loans to small and petty businessmen at a low rate of interest.As it is seen that this class of person are most deprived and have the habit of taking loans from private lords who charge exorbitant rate of interest and creating vicious circle of poverty for this class. Thus simplification of loans disbursement at low rate of interest shall develop them to generate business activities in huge spheres.








5)Pension To Traders: We have suggested that a businessmen directly or indirectly is engaged in collection of sale tax and submission of tax during his or her business life. Thus we have stressed that after the age of 65yrs a businessmen must be entitled for getting a pension from the government in the proportion to the taxes deposited by him during his business carrier. It is the pensions which have been source of motivation for seeking government jobs but if this pension is introduced than there shall be no ques for seeking government job but people will try to established there own business enterprise or get themselves engaged in business activities.

6)SHOPPING MALL REGULATION ACT: In this era of 21st century the advent of shopping malls have come both as a boom and curse to the society. As this mall used ample electricity and also act as a factor for global warming. As these malls are financially backed by a corporate houses and business tycoons they generate all powers of buying and selling and centralized the business, after a span of time they misuse this power by squeezing blood out  of the views of cultivators and suppliers as they are left with other place to give the stocks. They also effect the retail trade which has been spinal cord of Indian Economy and occupies nearly 67% of Indian Trade .In this matter we have met Parliamentary standing committee and submitted a memorandum demanding immediate imposition of shopping mall regulation act.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,



(RUPAM GOSWAMI)                                

STATE CONVENOR