Central Committe resolution

Resolutions of the meeting held on 25.08.2008 at Barua Market 3rd floor Room No -431
Guwahati -781001

1.The meeting decided to formed District committees in all district of Assam with 31 or 51 executive members.
2.The committee has to be approved by the central committee.
3.Rules for formation of District body
a)An adhoc body with minimum 11 nos and maximum 51 nos will be formed in presence of central committee members with 1 chief convenor and 5 to 15 convenors and 1 treasurer.
b)That convenor body will drive for membership of the association.
c)Within 3 months to 5 months period adhoc body has to hold a general meeting and formed a permanent body with President-1,Secretary General-1,treasurer-1 and rest as per their convinent.
d)If that adhoc body didn’t hold General meeting within 5 months than Central committee may intervene and called a general meeting to formed the permanent body.
4.District body will collect membership fees on behalf of central body on central body money receipt book.
5.All accounts will be centrally maintained .
6.There will be one Bank account which will be centrally operated.
7.District can not keep more than 25% of collected money at their hand.They has to deposit to cenral bank account or send it to central body.
8)For any major expenditure more than Rs5000.00 at district lavel ,has to take proper sanction from central body.


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